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Rainbow Rock Chickens

This is a project to try and create a bigger & better variety of Barred Rock chickens
I bred my beautiful Barred Rock rooster Waldo to my massive Dixie Rainbow hens.

Here's Waldo at 5 months.

Here he was at 4 months. No spurs yet but already majestic.

And here are my Dixie Rainbow hens. About 8 to 10 pounds each.

Here are the Rainbow Rock eggs I just hatched compared to Barred Rock eggs

If you've got any large breeds, you know how great extra jumbo eggs are.

I hatched the first 5 Rainbow Rock chicks on July 13, 2018
Most of them were significantly bigger than a Barred Rock hatched the same day.

Here's Big Fatty at 4 days old.

Here is Big Fatty, 3.0 ounces at 6 days old.

The chicks looked just like Barred Rock chicks.
After a few days, some of them are turning into Silverbacks.

Here is Big Fatty on day 6 with a 7 WEEK old Serama!

Here is Big Fatty on day 18 with some day old Serama

Here he is at 1 month with the 2 week old Serama

Here's one of his Brothers at 7 weeks with the Serama at 1 month

Just shy of two months.
He looks considerably beefier than his Father at 2 months.

The kids are almost mature now.

Purebred Barred Rock in center to show contrast.

Blackfoot's hackles and saddle are more finely detailed than his father's.
They shimmer when he moves.

Look at the size of Dixie Rainbow hens compared to Barred Rock!

Big Fatty at 1 month

Comfrey feast

From the breeder of tribbles.info

Start breeding your own Rainbow Rocks & help me establish this fun new breed

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