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Rainbow Rock Chickens

This is a project to try and create a bigger & better variety of Barred Rock chickens
I bred my beautiful Barred Rock rooster Waldo to my massive Dixie Rainbow hens.

Here's Waldo at 5 months.

Here he was at 4 months. No spurs yet but already majestic.

And here are my Dixie Rainbow hens. About 8 to 10 pounds each.

Here are the Rainbow Rock eggs I just hatched compared to Barred Rock eggs

If you've got any large breeds, you know how great extra jumbo eggs are.

I hatched the first 5 Rainbow Rock chicks on July 13, 2018
Most of them were significantly bigger than a Barred Rock hatched the same day.

Here's Big Fatty at 4 days old.

Here is Big Fatty, 3.0 ounces at 6 days old.

The chicks looked just like Barred Rock chicks.
After a few days, some of them are turning into Silverbacks.

Here is Big Fatty on day 6 with a 7 WEEK old Serama!

Here is Big Fatty on day 18 with some day old Serama

Here he is at 1 month with the 2 week old Serama

Here's one of his Brothers at 7 weeks with the Serama at 1 month

Here's the latest photo, just shy of two months.
He looks considerably beefier than his Father at 2 months.

Look at the size of Dixie Rainbow hens compared to Barred Rock!

Big Fatty at 1 month

From the breeder of tribbles.info

Start breeding your own Rainbow Rocks & help me establish this fun new breed

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